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Brooks’ Blog

Hello!  And welcome to our new look website!

News and views from Brooks’ bunker as he shares random thoughts about game development, Smithy’s habits, photo’s and progress of development of new games and ideas.

What are your thoughts?  We’d love to hear about your first impressions and experience using the WonkyPix website, so why not connect with us on Facebook, send a tweet, or add us to your circle in Google+?

Who are WonkyPix (aka Smithy and Brooks)?

We are independent developers creating games and digital media “Just for You” for your enjoyment on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac.

I’m Jason Brooks, a game developer and coder who’s been creating Apps and Utilities for a number of platforms.

Nathan Smith is the artist and designer behind the artwork, web design and apps.

So why the redesign from SmithAndBrooks.co.uk?  Simply, the digital era moves at a rapid pace and we felt our old site was very much in need of TLC, the sixty minute makeover team were busy filming so Smithy’s worked hard behind the scenes creating new artwork, new exciting game ideas, and media, that we’re working on “Just for You!”.

You will find more information about our existing projects, and projects nearing completion either in our Games section, Smithy’s updates, this blog, and even some exclusive content available via our social media portals.

Over the next year, we will add free stuff, for you to download and share, whether it’s puzzles that all ages can give a go to try and solve, or artwork/craft ideas that you can make at home on your own or with friends and family.  So please check back, or add our RSS feed to your favourite browser or reader.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope we’ll see you again :)