Decoder Wheel Encoding Wheel

Coding Wheel - Send Coded Messages To Your Friends!

How To Encode/Decode Your Message.

The Blue inner wheel is called the “encoding” wheel,
the Red and Orange outer wheel is called the “decoding” wheel.

Use the buttons to turn the decoding wheel clockwise or counterclockwise to choose an “Encryption” Key.

Make a note of the two letters pointed to by the ‘A’ letter from the inner wheel.  

For example, with both ‘A’ letters lined up, press the left arrow two times, the Letter ‘A’ will line up with the decoding wheel Letter ‘C’.

Choose a simple message, i.e. Hello World”.

For each letter in the message, look it up on the Blue wheel and substitute it with the letter it points to on the Red Wheel.

H becomes J,    E becomes G, L becomes N etc etc.

Caesar Cipher Instructions

Download the project files.

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