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Formed in the UK, but working around the world.

The partnership between Jason Brooks and Nathan Smith was formed on 1st January 2011 and are the original co-founders who set out to develop games and applications for the Apple Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

Our games are simple, addictive, but most of all fun, and to date are played in 47 countries, which is an amazing achievement.







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Nathan Smith

Nathan originally trained in theatre design and worked as a scenic artist and prop maker.  

He then took a change of direction to concentrate on his own practice, expressing his own imaginative ideas on canvas. Acrylic paint with paper collage, recurred frequently throughout this work.

Many paintings were inspired by nautical and aeronautical machines to which Nathan gave anthropomorphic qualities. Set in nonsensical landscapes where logic is thrown away, the work captures the audience with the absurd and twisted forms.  Throughout these landscapes unusual machines move with an alternative physical law of their own.

The paintings are pointedly illustrative in style, a feature which now comes though strongly  in his digital work.  

Nathan now primarily sculpts in digital clay and composes his characters in digitally created landscapes.

Jason Brooks

Jason has been programming and tinkering with computers from the early ZX81 and Commodore days, where he self taught from the age of Ten Assembly Language and BASIC.

In his pre and early teens he spent time honing his skills, reverse engineering games and protection systems which he turned into developing “Cheats” for popular games and working with magazine publications to provide “Type-In” Programs that people could use to provide infinite lives, map games, remove collision detection etc that enabled players to play their favourite games to the end.

This skill was picked up by leading edge companies in the late 80’s and early 90’s (Goldmark Systems and Bonzo Super Meddler) and was the first to provide a mechanism for transferring tape to disk for games protected by the Appleby Protection System.

Jason also created games for a number of 8-Bit computer systems (Commodore, BBC Model B, Archimedes, Oric Atmos, Enterprise, Spectrum and Amstrad) which included Flight Simulators, Fruit Machines Simulators, Adventure Games, Arcade Games, Basic Physics engines, tools and utilities, many published, many not.  

Jason was not unfamiliar with a soldering iron, creating additional add on gadgets to kempston joysticks to simulate wiggling the joystick for Decatholon/Track & Field Type Games of different levels of autofire.

Jason continued his self development by moving to MS-DOS and other languages such as C/C++/Pascal/Fortran/Forth/LOGO working on Unix, DEC-VAX, IBM zOS, Tandem, Mobile Computing (Palm, iOS, Windows) etc, and during the 90’s created a remake of Manic Miner for MS Windows DirectX as a learning exercise to understand how DirectX worked.

One of his games “Ballistyx” was picked up on a compilation CD published in the 90’s by a subsidiary of EA Games and had over 1.2 million players.

Later on Jason, developed and enhanced his Cryptographic skills, and has been lucky to travel the world, providing consultancy and solutions for many of the worlds Tier 1 financial institutions.

However, he’s never lost his passion for developing games.

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Newton’s Nonsense

Splat Test Dummy!

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Newton’s Mancala

Our first digital book is in development

Our next gaming projects are in pre-production, check back regularly for updates and news.

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